Journal of Conscious Evolution


White, Ashanti


Art is about expression. It is neither right nor wrong. It can be beautiful or distorted. It can be influenced by pain or pleasure. It can also be motivated for selfish or selfless reasons. It is expression. Arguably, no artistic movement encompasses this more than graffiti art. Because of its roots in ancient history, reemergence with the rise of the hip-hop culture, and constant transformation, graffiti art is integral. Its canvas can be a concrete building, paper, or animal. It can be two- or three-dimensional; it can be illusionistic and inclusive of various techniques. It can be composed with spray paint, marker, acrylics, or steel. Moreover, it appeals to consumers of fine and street art, designers, grassroots politicians, and musicians. This paper looks at the history and evolution of graffiti art through the various structures of consciousness to demonstrate that contemporary graffiti is indicative of integral art.